Create a delightful experience by renting Charge Bot cell phone charging stations. With convenient access to charging in public environments, power the devices that connect us to the people, activities, and experiences we love. Make it possible so that no one will ever miss that memorable moment.


  • We Do All The Work:
  • No modification to venue needed and no assembly required. Just let our delivery team know where to place the kiosk near a standard 3 prong power outlet and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Power Up Attendees:
  • Improve attendee satisfaction and overall experience by delighting your guest with keeping them connected to family, friends, business, and their mobile relationship. People are constantly looking for a place to charge their cell phones, especially when they notice their phones are dying.
  • Build Brand Buzz:
  • Your company name, special event information, logo, pictures, social media channels and more can be strategically placed on the charging station kiosk. You can create a custom wrap on some machines, thus creating full machine brand visibility.
  • Sponsorship Branding and Revenue Generating:
  • The charging stations can be custom branded with unlimited sponsorship graphics and video content. You can charge whatever you want and this will create a source of revenue for your event.
  • Increase Dwell Time:
  • Charge Bot Charging Stations help keep your event thriving. Our charging stations will help your guest stay on-site and happy throughout the entire event.
  • Top Notch Services:
  • When you rent a cell phone charging station from Charge Bot, we make sure that you receive top notch service. We deliver excellence with: Branding, Ship and Delivery, Installation, and Storage.


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