Why are we raising capital…


★·.·´¯`·.·★ About Charge Bot ★·.·´¯`·.·★

What makes Charge Bot so unique is we provide a convenient way to make sure you never miss that memorable moment again. With Charge Bot, we will keep you charged so you can stay connected.

Charge Bot is an on the go cell phone charging solution firm.

We provide convenient pre-charged cordless cell phone chargers that are stored in high-tech modern vending machines in public places.

You simply swipe your card, retrieve your product, lift the lid, plug, and go!

Perfect usage for when you are at an airport going on vacation, out to eat with family or friends, at a concert listening to our favorite artist, at a ball game watching your favorite team, wherever you maybe this unit is perfect for you! 

So, you don’t have to miss out on capturing these precious moments, we decided to come up with a solution to offer pre-charged cordless chargers.


´¯`•.No More.•´¯`•

  • No more long cords
  • No more waiting at an outlet to charge up
  • No more downtime at a charging station
  • No more asking random people for a charger

Take charging with you and never miss that call, text, or email again.

★彡 What’s The Money For? 彡★

$30,000 these vending machines will placed in placed in airports, malls, universities, casinos, arenas and more.

With a stretch goal of $100,000 Charge Bot will be able to add more vending machines to the market. Which directly allows us to hire individuals from Detroit, MI.


╰☆☆ Giving Back ☆☆

Outside of keeping individuals charged and connected to what is important to them, Charge Bot team is especially interested in CHANGE.

We believe that in Detroit which is our local community and economy, need businesses to thrive. Begin able to contribute to our city and invest in the people is especially return citizens, is important to us and one of our biggest missions.

We also are going to create transitional housing for single mothers or fathers who have fallen on bad financial times. These homes will be fully furnished and provide all necessities. While in this program, they will be required to take financial literacy course to make sure they never end up in this situation again.

Charge Bot is super excited to be a part of assisting with bring back the community we were born and raised in.

╰☆☆ Who is Kieara ☆☆

Kieara Johnson is an entrepreneur, explorer and, like everyone else, sometimes her phone dies at inconvenient times. Her family teased her consistently about how terrible she was at keeping her phone charged. So, along with her husband, they came up with an idea for a solution, so in


2016 Kieara co-founded Charge Bot, where she proudly serves as CEO.

Today, the Charge Bot is growing at a rapid speed and becoming a premier full-service specialty cell phone charging solution. Charge Bot has earned widespread recognition and awards, including MichBusiness “Sustainability” award in 2017. Through hard work, dedication and efforts Charge Bot is becoming a preeminent player in the public cell phone charging industry.

Kieara received her undergraduate degree in Business Management and Computer Information Systems and earned her MBA at the University of Phoenix. She also serves on multiple boards of directors of corporations and nonprofit organizations.

When she is not heading the charging company by making sure businesses customers stay charged so they can stay connected, she can either be found at home playing board games with her husband and five children or she can be found flying in the sky on her way to another family vacation.

Message from me:

I am so excited to partner with each of you. Charge Bot want to personally thank you for believing and supporting in us! Thanks for stopping by our iFundWomen campaign.


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Please email us at info@atbcenters.com with any feedback or questions.